Lab for microcloning of plants.

Own microcloning laboratory of seedlings (obtaining genetically identical to the original copy of clones) produces a virus-free planting stock in cassettes or in pots. At the stage of transfer of seedlings  material is tested for viruses and various diseases. Currently, the laboratory cultivates several million seedlings of the following species:

Blueberry – 8 varieties, Blackberry – 4 varieties, Kiwi, Baby Kiwi (Actinidia), Pistachio, Canadian Juneberry, Pavlonia, Opuntia, Walnut, Tea, Potatoes. Individual orders are accepted for the production of crops and varieties not included in the standard assortment.

Being a pioneer and unconditional authority in the cultivation of blueberries in Georgia, having all the necessary technology and equipment, we offer a service for the arrangement of  berry plantations * on a turn-key basis * with further agroprovision and the purchase of  harvest for processing at our own factory.

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For the production of certified varieties the following successive steps should be taken.

  1. Selection for pomological quality: individual plants of each variety to be taken into the scheme are selected.
  2. Production of nuclear stock: candidate nuclear-stock plants are propagated by layering or by suckers. The candidate plants are kept isolated from the nuclear stock. The candidate nuclear stock is tested. Only candidate nuclear-stock plants that have met all requirements are promoted to nuclear-stock plants.
  3. Maintenance of nuclear stock: nuclear-stock plants are maintained under conditions ensuring freedom from infection, with retesting as appropriate. The plants should be grown in containers of sterilized growing medium, isolated from the soil.
  4. Production of propagation stock: propagation stock is produced from nuclear-stock material under conditions ensuring freedom from infection.
  5. Production of certified plants: certified plants are produced from the propagation stock as one-year-old rooted stems after one or two stages of propagation.

Throughout the whole procedure, care should be taken to maintain the pomological characters of the originally selected plants. Checks should be built in for possible mutations.