Blueberry  - a plant of the    heath    family, the     closest  relative of     the bilberry. This  berry is  known  for its  medicinal and taste. The  taste is  slightly outperformed  bilberries, but its fruit is 1.5-2  times larger and reach a size of  a ripe cherry. It has a hypo-  allergenic properties, improves  eyesight and slows down the  aging process in the body,  normalize digestion and stool,    strengthens the walls of blood    vessels. Fiber blueberry  perfectly  cleans the intestines.  Contains  large amounts of  vitamin C and  antioxidants that  effectively  prevent the  development of    cancer cells.

 Growing blueberries branched bushes to look like blueberries, height of 30-50 cm, though some varieties reach a height of three meters. Plant performance and ease, almost susceptible to diseases and pests. The life of a bush can reach 100 years. The plant is self-pollinating, but the planting of providing cross-pollinated crop yield increases almost in half. Begins to bear fruit for 3-4 years and regularly gives abundant harvests, especially in the rainy summer. Yield, depending on the variety ranges from 1.5 to 10 kg per bush.

 Blueberry harvest in late summer, as they mature. Blueberries tolerate frost well and can be stored frozen for one year. The refrigerator can be kept up to two weeks in a tightly sealed container. The juice from the berries is better to use fresh, because it is not stored for a long time. Blueberry juice is also suitable for the production of home-made wine.